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We have more than thirty five years of experience in handling all aspects of family law cases, including divorces, separations, the division of property, support, custody, adoptions, pre-nuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements. You can rely upon our objective and experienced advice in guiding you through the highly emotional and often complex issues involved in family law cases, whether it be negotiating a settlement with your spouse or partner, or, where an agreement is not possible, in representing your interests in Court.

If you are planning on a separation or divorce from your spouse or partner, or if you believe that your spouse or partner will be divorcing or separating from you, you owe it to yourself to consult with our experienced attorneys to be sure that you are aware of your rights and obligations. If you are able to come to an understanding with your separating or divorcing spouse or partner, we can assist you in preparing a comprehensive agreement that will protect your interests and will avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Obviously, a settlement or amicable resolution of your differences with your spouse or partner is preferable. However, on occasion this is simply not possible, for many reasons, such as the refusal of your spouse or partner to provide you with financial information or where assets have been hidden from you. In these situations, we will protect your interests by taking the necessary action in Court, including obtaining special or emergency relief where necessary and in prosecuting your claims in the Court. 

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